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    insufficient permission modify power

    Since when do you need client permission modify power for adding and removing clients from groups? Don't you only need the group add and needed group add permission? And if so, how can I make sure that clients will be able to add and remove people from groups and not change the permissions?

    Here's an example:
    Server Admin has the following permissions:
    i_group_member_add_power - 75
    i_group_member_remove_power - 75
    i_client_permission_modify_power - Not set (grayed out)
    Moderator has those:
    i_group_needed_member_add_power - 60
    i_group_needed_member_remove_power - 60
    i_client_needed_permission_modify_power - 75

    The server admin CANNOT remove the moderator from his group, it fails on i_client_permission_modify_power, but it shouldn't. i_client_permission_modify_power doesn't have anything to do with adding and removing clients from groups.

    Also, even if it needs, how can I make sure that the server admin won't be able to change other permissions of a client?

    Another funny thing is that if both are grayed (Server admin's i_client_permission_modify_power and Moderator's i_client_needed_permission_modify_power) it works, and it suddenly doesn't need the client modify power anymore

    Last thing: Can you please make a special permission for the priority speaker?
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    Check this :

    And for your last question : b_client_is_priority_speaker

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    b_client_is_priority_speaker isn't a needed and power but whatsoever it conflicts with i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power, which shouldn't conflict either...
    But, that thread you linked doesn't help, I already know where is the problem. Read the post again mate.
    I'll repeat: Like I said, i_client_permission_modify_power doesn't have anything to do with adding and removing clients from groups, and it still fails on it. Is it supposed to have anything in common?
    This gets weirder and weirder every second
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    Quote Originally Posted by Permission Information
    This value defines the client needed permission modify power required to modify client or group permissions.
    AFAIK, you need enough i_client_permission_modify_power, previous to modify others .
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    Modifying client permissions

    I spent some time googling this and I'm not sure what to do

    TS3 setup:
    We have multiple admin groups on our teamspeak 3 server
    1. SuperAdmin - basically the inherited version of the SA that comes preloaded with TS3 (with a few tweaks in ban/kick power)
    2. LowerAdministrators - copy of SuperAdmin but with less powers in ban/kick/modify powers, they retain channel rights of SuperAdmins too.
    3. Admins - copy of LowerAdministrators except with less powers in ban/kick/modify, they cannot permaban and retain channel rights of LowerAdministrators.
    4. Users - 5 subgroups but they are basically the same in permissions with the exception of kick and ban requirements

    Issue: I am a SuperAdmin on the server (but I have no access to ServerAdmin seeing as the owner won't disclose the password for it, although I am on the same level as him in terms of rights and access).
    I'm working with a Lower ADministrator on getting the ability to modify specific clients' rights to poke. (e.g. a user)

    Whenever he tries to modify a power he gets the standard 'insufficient client permissions power' (doesn't tell you which power it fails on, just a red flat denial: <17:24:46>  insufficient permission modify power)

    So I decided to check the powers he has: (see the pdf named: permissions1(edit))
    This is what it is
    My powers are listed permissions2(copy)

    Modify the permissions
    For him: i_client_permission_modify_power (set) to 75
    For the person whose permission we want to change: i_client_needed_permission_modify_power to 1,0 (tried both, no luck)

    I've checked poke powers, same thing. They are greater than the person of whom I'm trying to modify.

    an example of a person we're trying to modify is enclosed in permission3(Against).pdf

    I can personally change it without an issue.

    If you need more details or if I'm way off about something, please let me know right away. I've tried googling this, either I'm really not reading things right or I just don't get what I'm doing wrong >.<

    I've previously done a ts3 without an issue but now with a new box, we're running into this issue. (I did not personally set up the box myself, all I did was build the server groups from ServerAdmin and Normal, worked my way down).

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    I like to setup a new "Server Operator" group within teamspeak 3. This group should be able to use the same permissions like "Server Admin" but not edit port or edit "Server Admin" group.
    My first try was to copy (ts function) "Server Admin" into "Server Operator" and decrease the powers (included group "Normal" and "Guest") from 75 to 70. Unfortunately this solution did not work because of the error message: "insufficient permission modify power".

    So how to do this?

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    I realy don't get it! Works neighter (with Server Operator) from scratch nor by coping.

    Created a new group "test": works
    Try to change (add) any kind of privileges: failed with "insufficient permission modify power"
    Remove "test" group: works

    Server Administrator privileges: privileges-sa.txt
    Server Operator privileges: privileges-so.txt
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    Do you read this :
    (There is no grant value in your operator group)

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    Hi florian,
    Quote Originally Posted by florian_fr40 View Post
    (There is no grant value in your operator group)
    args, I misunderstood "grant" with "i_permission_modify_power" and "i_group_needed_modify_power".

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