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    Teamspeak servers merge (main server+spare (alias))

    I've installed TS3 on two linux servers f.e. and
    How can I merge them in order to use the same virtual server? So it wont matter which server joins the user. He have to join the same channel on s1 and s2 to communicate with both servers' users.
    Is it possible to do? Which way?

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    Curently not possible.
    (Without a complicated tool )

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    Thank you!
    Where can I get some more information on a complicated tool?))

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    I'm a little confused on the original question. Are you trying to run two separate teamspeak servers that are mirror images of each other and somehow connected so that users interact with both? If so I'm a little curious as to the motivation behind this. Or are you trying to set up two domains, one of which aliases to the other on the teamspeak port?

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