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    Question Full permission 100 SA

    Hi (i'm french, so i'm sorry if my english isn't perfect)

    I have host on server TS3 recently for my team, with all new client and server. I have use my token for gets my server admin acces. I have promote some friend (lead of game) to this rank after, all permission is set to 75 (if i have good understood), I am to 75 too.
    So my question is, how can i get a SuperAdmin access, with all 100 permission? it is still possible with the new server client? I want as Server Admin groups, can't promote or kick me, can't move me...
    I have search on this forum, but found a really outdated post (
    I have save information on my first time lunch server (serveradmin, password for and first token) but i don't know how use it (password for?).

    If i ask it, it's just because some people troll, upgrade or downgrade some user, and one time or 2, made it to me.

    I hope you understood my question, and i'm sorry for my english, tried to make my best.

    Thanks you.


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    First of all, don't ignore the warn message (in the related thread).

    I strongly suggest you to create a copy from the Server Admin group (you could rename it like Sub Admin e.g.) and decrease all permissions value to 70.

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