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    Solved Subscribe with channel rights

    Hey there,

    i have a little problem/question on channel subscription.

    Everyone should have the permission to subscribe the Public Rooms but only with channel permission Users should be able to subscribe the 'other room' and the ones below.
    everything is perfect, as long as the User ist in the 'other room', but when the User joins the server into the entrace room he does not have the right to subscribe the 'other room' although he has the right in there.

    other room 1 and other room 2 have the same subscribe needed power. a user in channel 'other room 1' with subscribe power (channel permission) unfortunatelly can also subscribe 'other room 2'.

    (server 'guest' subscribe permission is not set)

    - Entrance
    - Public Room 1
    - Public Room 2
    - Other Room 1
    - Room below 1 (subchannel of 'other room 1')
    - Room below 2 (subchannel of 'other room 1')
    - Other Room 2

    Hope some one can help


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    Quote Originally Posted by Istalantar
    (server 'guest' subscribe permission is not set)
    In this case it's normal. If you use the sunscribe power in channel permission part, this permission "works" only in the channel where a user is.
    According your configuration, you have to set all channel subscribe on each channel for each user, not really an easy way...

    For a "global action" you have to use the server groups.

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    When I use server groups, every one in this group will be able to see every other channel.
    Is there any way to allow User A to subscribe 'Other Room 1' also when he joins the server in the Entrance channel, but not allow to subscribe 'Other Room 2' and the other way round for User B (Other Room 2 but not Other Room 1)?

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    I suggest you to make your server as "semi public server"
    Read this thread :

    And for the specific channel create a channel group with the good subscribe power

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    yeah I think this helps, thanks

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