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    ServerQuery Login Question

    Hi all,
    I have been using TS3Sync for Procon on our BF3 server for awhile without issue. I disabled it a few weeks ago waiting for an update, I updated it and it worked fine the other day. Now, it won't connect. I am not sure if I updated TS3 (which I did recently) prior to it working or after it working. Regardless, now it doesn't, so on to my question.

    For this plugin to work, you need to create a ServerQuery Login, which I did off of my account that has all access to permissions. If I create another ServerQuery Login from my account, do I now have to ServerQuery Logins associated with my account? Or, is it one ServerQuery Login per account? If I do create another one, does it overwrite the first even if the name is different that i put in?

    I appreciated any and all help!!!!

    --- Merged ---

    Interesting bit, I created a serverquery login off of our top level serverquery admin account, and TS sync is working! It has to be a problem with permissions on the Server Admin level.....just not sure what.

    EDIT: And is working on my account.

    SO...I guess back to my original questions: If I create a serverquery login on my account, and then I create another off the same account, do I now have two? Or does one over write the other regardless of the name?
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    Quick answer : it's one query "account" per identity

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