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    [Request] Simple DSP Plugin

    This is a request for a plugin that simply applies some frequency filtering, and distortion DSP to the incoming sounds.

    The goal is to have incoming sounds to sound like they come over radio, so a simple bandpass filter focused around 1KHz might be enough. Additionally, to improve the realism further, some some clipping-style distortion could be applied.

    Must have features:
    - Bandpass filter

    Nice to have features:
    - Adjustable cut-off for the band-pass filter
    - (Optionally) EQ-style adjustable volumes for all frequencies, making it a full EQ-plugin.
    - Distortion (clipping) filter (ideally adjustable, or at least option to turn on/off)

    If someone has skills / time to do this plugin, I would be very thankful.

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    Did you take a look at This Thread yet? Maybe it's (at least partially) what you are looking for.

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    Yes, I tested that and some other plugins before posting this thread.

    Unfortunately WalkieTalkie adds some distortion, which can't be completely disabled. The distortion filters used in that plugin are not suitable for my purposes (DSP to simulate general UHF / VHF air radios).

    Also the source code of the plugin is unavailable although some of the first posts in the thread mention them being available.

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