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    Solved b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions issue


    When we uncheck value box to the permission:


    There is issue when client has server group (with add power 75 / remove power 70) and simultaneuosly has Channel Group (with add power 50 / remove power 40) - he cannot remove/change his channel group.

    The problem is appearing when he has both channel & server group at the same time.

    When we check value box to permission
    He can skip all channels restrictions on the server (channel join power, subscribe, etc.).

    What is the core issue?

    b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions value unchecked:

    Server Admin is creating new channel on the server automatically will get Channel Group.
    When he is joing on this created channel, he have permissions as a Channel Group member not an "admin" (in case of b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions value removed.

    b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions value checked:
    Skiping all channels restrictions on the server (channel join power, subscribe, etc.), no problem with removing Channel Group.

    Is there any possibility to skip channel group permissions and do not skip channel permissions?

    If not, my sugestion is to divide this permission to:
    Skip Channel Group Permissions
    Skip Channel Permissions

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    Sorry, but currently the skip permssion allow a server group to "overwrite" the channel group AND channel permission

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    Thanks Florian - now I am sure I cannot restrict channel permissions when skip permission is checked (I try to use Value, Skip, Negate to avoid skip channel permissions).

    Is there any chance to divide this in the future server release?

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    Indeed you find the solution, using the skip and negated option for each permission you want.

    About your question, in my knowledge no.

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    Im not sure if im in the right thread, but i tried to fix my little "problem" with


    Here is what we wanted:

    In a few channels, clients are forced to use Push to talk, for radio silence during battles.
    Only Platoon Commanders should be allowed to talk without PTT

    Now, for a few weeks we solved this with making them admins, cos we trust them. somehow
    But admins can join any channel, and there are a few which they shouldnt join at all, like Clan Command etc...

    We kicked them form the admin group and tried to solve it with talk power and PTT power and so on, their talk power is higher than
    the forced PTT value, but it didnt work

    skip_channelgroup_permissions was my last hope, but this makes them able to join all channels again.

    do you have any idea?

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    Do not use the big permission to skip channel and channel group permisisons.
    You can use the Skip flag for each permission. Just enable Skip, where it needed for these users.
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    needed_join_power problem

    edit by mod! This is no bug and was given in the changelogs, that the permissions act different now

    Hey there,
    I updated my teamspeak server 2 days ago from 3.0.0-r1 (not sure, but I think it was this version) to 3.0.5.
    Before I had a channel on my Server with needed join power 80, so that no other Server Admin could join that Channel.
    Now everyone who has the server admin can join the channel, even though the needed_join_power is set to 80 and the server admins have a join_power of 75. I checked the rights several times, so I think (and I hope) it's only a bug that will be fixed.

    Last edited by dante696; April 27th, 2012 at 08:30 AM.

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    ServerAdmin by default has the "big Skip Flag" (b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions) enabled which makes them ignore lots of other permissions. As such the Channel Permission never gets set with Serveradmins (or any other group that has the skip)

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    Oh sorry didn't found that. Thank you.

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