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    Serverquery Logs into my TS server?

    Hi there,
    Im hoping you wise bunch of People can help me with an issue I have on my Teamspeak server.
    I run my own Teamspeak server from my home and it works fine (Ppl can join & chat etc). However, I have a website ( which has a module to allow me to display my Teamspeak server status. (I run a gaming guild and if you've seen guild websites before you'll know what I mean).
    Anyway, I have entered my details into this module and it now correctly shows my Teamspeak status visually on my website.
    Now my problem is, When the Website runs a serverquery to get the latest status update, It joins my Teamspeak server as a user and then disconnects (I get the message "User Entered Your Channel" and then "User Left Your Channel". this happens everytime the websitew trys to update the teamspeak server status.

    I used to hire a teamspeak server before starting up my own and I never had this issue before. Can someone please help me with this and tell me how to stop it logging in as a user and just run its serverquery normally.

    Many thanks in advance for any help on this.

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    I went for a ride on your website and I saw that you had a WebViewer. What justifies your notification sound for when someone connects to your site, the WebViewer connects and disconnects in the next second, ample time to view the rooms and users and display all on your site.

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    This is a relavant post from this thread:


    Option 1 - Disable this in your Teamspeak Client settings (Settings > Options > uncheck Show ServerQuery clients)

    Option 2 - Disable all these permissions from Guest Server query

    Option 3 - Block the IP to join your Teamspeak server

    Next time please use the search function

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    Warning: From client 3.0.3 the selector for 'Show ServerQuery clients' is in bookmarks (not in Settings-->Options)


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