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    Solved TS3 NPL error? (bad file extension)

    Hey sup guys,
    please help me out ! immediate -.-' thx

    I've got this problem:
    I've already DL the ts3 SERVER and the token admin exe!
    so now I copied and pasted the licensekey.dat into correct folder. Everything went good then I started that program, logged in witht the admin token exe and tried to create a server:
    error -.- why?
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    Please explain it step to step. No complicated things please, im a newb. in this

    --- Merged ---

    btw, How to connect to the "own created" server after created it? without error.
    which port etc.. ? -.-"
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    Do you restart the server after added the license file (in the server fodler) ?
    Do you check the server log ?
    Do you have an error message in the server log ?
    When you try to create a second virtual server, what error message you get ?

    Do you search on this forum to read all threads about this problem ?

    For your last question the first virtual server is on port 9987. So address : (the defaulr port is not required)
    For an other port<port>

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    Well, tell me please:
    I'm able to set up a TS3 server for free with the license ive got correct? npl !
    how to set a own server IP and a own Port.
    Able that other ppl will be able to connect on this ts3 later?

    you are able to help me through ts 3 and teamviewer maybe?
    because when you have a license key .dat from the non-profit-license, you are normally able to create your own ts3 server with own adress so other people (ppl) can connect to this.
    teamviewer + ts help pls?

    --- Merged ---

    added u in skype florian so we can talk german there and you may help me better !

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    After have started your server to change the port and create server, etc, you have to use the query command:
    You have the documentation and this thread :

    To allow people to connect on your server, you have this thread :

    If you want you can send me in private the ID and password from teamviewer (I have a little free time now).

    Off topic
    Sorry I don't speak german.
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    Thumbs up

    Well problem is finally solved!
    SPECIAL THANKS TO: florian_fr40 ! Best ts3 supp
    He spent his freetime in teamviewer. Took about 30 mins.
    I will explain how to solve this problem so will take at least maybe 2 mins for other ppl )


    At first, check if you've set a hook into "Hide file extension".
    Go to: Organize -> Folder- and searchoptions -> View -> Hide extensions for known file types (REMOVE THE HOOK FOR THIS!!!!!!!)

    The license file was named licensekey.dat.txt
    So just remove the .txt extension.

    So now you are able to raise your slots to 50.

    For open your ports that other people are able to connect to your server visit this link:

    I hope I've helped for this.
    Thx to the nice supporter / moderator once again !
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