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    Wrong Server or Channel password shown?

    I hope someone can help. So heres the thing

    I edit the password, it says "enter password" again to make sure, i do that, but then i check the password, its DIFFERENT! My friends cannot join anymore because the password is different. I never EVER touched the password after setting it at the beggining but now i cannot change it. Could it be possible someone hacked my server or something? I created a new server, no luck. Password is still this HUGE password that i do not know.

    EDIT I mean the password to get into the server.

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    The password shown in the server editor is NOT the actual password. The length is always 14 characters, no matter what the password was.

    I don't know why people use passwords for their servers anyway. If you don't put it on the weblist, noone should know about it.

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    If you are a Server Admin, you can change the server password, using Telnet in port 10011

    login serveradmin <password>
    use sid=<server-ID> or use port=<voice_port>
    serveredit virtualserver_password=<new_password>

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    Channel passwrod changes itself.

    I recently started using passwords with some channels, and it changes itself.
    I create channel named: "test" with the password: "test" <--- 4 letters (****)

    I click apply, then ok (and the windows closes) I acces the channel edit window again just to see a (******) I tell my friend to use the password test and it does not work. any help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shield1739 View Post
    I recently started using passwords with some channels, and it changes itself.
    I create channel named: "test" with the password: "test" <--- 4 letters (****)

    I click apply, then ok (and the windows closes) I acces the channel edit window again just to see a (******) I tell my friend to use the password test and it does not work. any help?
    Ummm, i've tried with a channel named test and its password as test and no problem, no password change.

    Note 1: If you open the channel edit dialog again after changing the password, there will be 8 dots in the password field, however this is just a placeholder, it will always have the 8 dots in there no matter if the password is just one character long or 100.

    Note 2: Be sure your friend is placing the correct password... it's not the same Test that test that "test"

    Note 3: Just for testing, try using only numbers.... 1234 (they haven't problems with the "shift" key)

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    Sever password changing on its own.

    Last night i drop internet service for a short time. My ts3 server would not work for anyone but myself, i have checked all my port and they are still listed as forwarded. So i decided to just create a new server this morning. I now have it set up but still not working, i have noticed that my virtual server password is changing on its own from the password i chose.. Any ideas why it is not connecting or why my password seems to change on its own?

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    I cant change my server password! HELP

    when I change it (whatsup123 for example) and then it says "you have edited the server!" But when I go back the password has changed somehow and its 14 letters long! No matter what password I use, it always changes it to that 14 letters long! What is wrong with my Client? and btw, I hear buzzing noise when ever some1 is quiet, and when some1 says something it stops for a while. so I have 2 problems, please help!
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    We did answer that already.

    It's normal, that the password field never shows the real value. It's the client GUI showing this on
    - Server Password **************
    - Channel Password ********
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    Password reseting by itself

    So, today I discovered that when I try to change/set password on my own ts server, which is made for me and friends, the server keeps automatically reseting password to unknown stuff. For example, when I set password to 123123 and then confirm it, the password is 6digits long, and when I open "Edit Virtual Server" again, I see 14digit password, I really dont know what is this, and when I remove it then random users are connecting and I need to ban them... Its really annoying....

    Here are some SS:

    P.S. Sorry didnt see the "Attachments" tab under "Additional Options".
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    Server changing channel passwords


    I have a little problem with Teamspeak. When Guests create channel, they join to him. Thats OK. But they take their own password. And after few minutes maybe, they will reconnect. But their password doesnt work. I was trying it today and result is : I create channel, write password to edit and press OK. Channel was created. But then i click on edit channel and SURPRISE! Password was changed. Previous password was 123 but new password was unknown. Where is the problem? I was trying to find it here, but without result. Thanks for help.

    ( sorry for low english, have a nice day! )
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    The dialog does not contain the actual password, it just shows a fixed length placeholder.
    The actual password will still work unless someone changed it. It doesn't matter if your password is 1 or an entire sentence, the edit dialog will show the same amount of characters in the password field.
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    Channel Password Changes

    Hello, I have recently got a new TeamSpeak server. When I setup a room with a password on it e.g. 321 and then click apply it will change to a 8 letter/number password anyone know how to get around this?
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