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    Will someone setup my permissions?

    I'll be paying a bit via paypal if someone would like to setup my TS Usergroups and Permissions to my liking.

    Thanks. - PM Me for more information.

    Please do not create such threads :-/
    You'd better send, what groups you plan. The most things can be changed and used, with a copy of the default groups
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    what is your liking exactly??

    Teamspeak permissions are pretty easy to manage and customize

    tell us what you need it could be simple and we can help you how to do it yourself

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    Not exactly Ahmed. They might be, if you understand them very well. And for some simple layouts, it could be doable this way, but I also saw posts from users with little more than simple layout to comprehend and they wanted kind of double the complexity with improvements.
    The amount of permissions might make some users head go in spins. Also some people take most things about IT as black box, they don't care how it works or why it can work. They are just using the stuff and if it broke they call techSupport without hesitation or get new thing.

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    that is why i asked first "what is your liking exactly??"

    some people think its big deal but the fact its simple and easy to do

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