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    Addons Page Suggestions

    I think it would be nice to allow more tags to be used in Addon Descriptions.

    Most notably the <a> Tag to create named Links, since honestly those long plain url Links aren't really attractive.
    Also <span> Tags to format specific parts of the text inline.

    Additionally a Link to the My Page you get to after entering an Addon somewhere on the page (like in the Useful Links section) so Authors can quickly go there and manage their Addons.

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    It would be great if the Addons Page wouldn't show Addons that are not compatible to the latest Client and / or Server.

    A couple of ways that come to mind:
    - Don't display them at all in the regular Categories and have an Archive Category which will list all the Addons not compatible to the latest Client Release, which Addons will get autocategorized in after at most a week after a Client/server Update. The original Category would still be there and once it is updated it will be automatically in the category it has been before.
    - Have a checkbox "Only show Addons compatible to current Client" on top somewhere, which is checked by default and hide the ones incompatible.

    on top of either of the above have a huge notice before the Addon Description (red background Div or something like that) that informs the user that the Addon is not compatible with the latest Client.

    There are at least a dozen Addons that are no longer working with the latest Client (due to API changes), some of which don't work since the beta even, or latest Server due to changes. Those Addons are of no use to anyone and thus shouldn't be displayed. It would greatly reduce the frustration for Users who downloaded the Addon but then (possibly after wasting hours of time trying to get it to work) discover it just won't work because it is out of date.

    In addition to that the Counter should obviously just count the number of Addons working with the latest Client. Oh and while you are at it you should fix the Counter for each Category... It just increments whenever a new Addon is added to that category but never decreases.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterS View Post
    It's not forgotten. We have this feature on our TODO list. With all those things on our TODO list, that TODO list is long. :-)
    I cannot promise when it's going to happen, but I can assure it's on our radar screen.
    Good to hear. Any chance you have been considering a filter for the plugins website to only show those that are compatible with the current client release? I'm seeing more and more plugins that are not updated on those pages. Would be nice to have a filter that is set by default when going to those pages to only show plugins with API compatible with the API of the current client available for download.

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