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    Solved TS3 Serverlink Tricky

    how can i geht THIS in a TS3 link:

    [cspacer1]Member Channel

    i want this link on my ts server but the BB code ist killing it!
    plz help

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    Here you go: ts3server://

    The Keyword is urlencode.
    [ becomes %5B
    ] becomes %5D
    spaces become %20

    For replacements for other Characters take a look at
    Note that only Special Characters (like anything which is not a-z or 0-1) really need to be replaced.

    PS: @Devs The Client should take care of urlencoding the Channelname (and other variables) in order to provide valid Links.

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    Small tip:
    Next time switch into the channel and use the invite buddy tool (Tools > Invite Buddy)
    (Checking the Insert my current channel option you'll see the correct syntax)

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