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    Question [REQUEST] Chat message keybinding

    I did not find a way to bind a message to a key to send repeatative messages. I went through the advanced actions but I couldn't find such thing there. Is there such a way to make such binding?

    For example to bind a key F12 to say some kind of long message without the need to copy-paste.

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    For that you could use a simple lua plugin.

    I provide you here an old (very old ) lua script with 3 message function.
    Edit the message.lua file and write your own message (you could create more function - using the same model).

    So extract the folder (from the zip archive) and add the bindmessage folder in your lua_plugin folder
    (Client installation > plugins > lua_plugins)

    Basicaly to send a message (with this demo) you have to use this command (write in the chat line) :
    /lua run bindmessage.message1

    So now How to bind each message function
    You have to create a shorcut for that :

    - Settings > Options > HotKeys part
    - Select your hotkey profile and click on add button (on the right part)
    - Click on Show Advanced Action
    - Expand Plugins part > Expand Run Plugin Command

    Now write the lua command (in place of <Command>)

    Now select a Hotkey, and voila

    Please note, this script is just an example.
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    Thanks. Will try that out : )

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    Did this work for you? I would like a hotkey that would either paste and send, or just put my cursor in the chat box. Thanks

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