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    [Request] Firefox Open Tabs Plugin

    Hey Guys, since I am not able to make any plugins by byself (I'm dumb in these kind of things), I send you a request.

    All of you should know the Appscanner plugin and its Information above the TeamSpeak Avatar used on the server.

    Now heres my question: Is it possible to show the titles of Firefox Tabs opened including them being clickable as such information? I'd really like to have such a plugin :x


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    Is it even possible? :S

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    To my knowledge, AppScanner can only scan for open processes. Though this might be possible with Chrome, I can see no way of determining a Firefox tab count.

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    Too bad ;(

    Do You think it would be possible to make it work with communicating plugins between firefox and TS3?

    (1 plugin for firefox to share the informations about tabs with the system and 1 for teamspeak to read it? Or maybe even a firefox plugin that sends this data to a TS3 plugin directly?)

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    Possible? Yes
    Worth it? Probably not.

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