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    Question query_ip_whitelist.txt (add new ipīs and keep them up to date is pure stress)

    My Team and me a working on a new TS3 Bot based on query commands.
    We all have dynamic ipīs changing every day.
    Now you can imagen its a pain in the A.. to change them every day for every developer.

    My questions:
    1. is it some how posibble to delete the Query bans since they dont show up in normal ban list.
    2. is it posible to skip the flood controll for query admins. I changed b_client_ignore_antiflood (checkt the checkbox),
    but i still get baned.
    3. do you have a nother idea how i could work around, otherwise i have to code a tool adding dayli ipīs to the txt file.

    thanks for reading i wait for your answers
    (btw: yes as always i used the search funktion and no there is no Thread where my specific question is answered )

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    So I guess the bot is running on your computer (of firends computer).
    Effectively with the internet home connexion it's not really easy.

    But instead using the query port, why not just use the client query port (clientquery - client plugin) on port 25639 ?
    Using this port and a a specific identity connected on the server, the whitelist and your IPs are no longer a problem.

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    Antiflood Settings only apply once connected to the server.
    Query Flood is something different, but you can change the values (bantime, how many commands in what time before ban) using the query if you really want to.


    Are the values regarding the Flood Protection.

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    thanks for your help guys

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