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    Post Tutorial: Windows server setup + port forwarding + port changing!

    Hey guys, I was having some serious issues setting up my TS3 server on my PC... After tons of research and a lot of nitty gritty changes, I pieced together a few tools and tutorials that can help you get on your way really fast (and easy)! Links are hyperlinks in the following text...

    Here's the deal:

    (1) Follow this awesome setup tutorial. This guy did a great job writing this - it's really clear and easy to follow.

    (2) Let me note that step 2b in the above guide didn't work for me. The installer kept crashing... Instead, I used this website to check my ports. For you techies out there: yes it's weird to be able to check UDP from an outside source...but somehow this website did it.

    (3) My default port of 9987 was blocked according to the above website, even though I forwarded it through my router. What I did is I changed the default voice port to 8768 (one of the old UDP ports I used to use for a TS2 server I hosted). You can choose any number really...but 8768 was convenient for me because I already had it forwarded from my old TS2 server. **NOTE: My TS2 server was no longer running! If it were still running, I would obviously not be able to use this port! There's a great tutorial video here that you can follow to change the default voice port of your server.

    This did it for me, and now my server is up and running great! I hope this helps those of you who were as confused as I was.

    Please feel free to comment with questions or comments.


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    Other suggestion is you can buy a server from a Authorized Hoster

    It's very easy, you forget about the configuration and they do everything for you !!! think that your pc will rest and won't be conected 24/7, it's very expensive to have that.

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