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    Temp passwords broken

    <08:02:27> Disconnected from server (parameter not found)

    I get this error when i set a password for 0 days and now when i go to view temp passwords the same thing happens everytime.

    Any ideas for a fix?

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    February 2012
    Please, make sure your client version is 3.0.6 and your server version is 3.0.5 because the new client version need the 3.0.5 server version for function.

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    April 2012

    Solved Temp password bug

    When i click on Temporary passwords i get disconnected and this message pop`s up:

    <19:43:24> Disconnected from server (parameter not found)

    i`v got full admin access to the ts server so donno why the error happens.


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    Need to be using Server 3.0.5 and Client 3.0.6 for it to work.

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