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    Server Query Account?

    I'm a bit confused by serverquery. Are the accounts that admins create with the "Tools > ServerQuery Login" function tied to the clients IDs in the client-list or are they separate?

    If I revoke a server admins permissions, how do I make sure he doesn't have any serverquery access he might have created earlier?

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    Yes serverquery Logins are tied to the UniqueID, if you revoke someones Permissions their Serverquery Login looses any Permissions aswell.

    in short: Serverquery logins always have the same permissions as the Clients that created them, at any point in time.

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    ok, so if I just prevent all groups from making SQ accounts, I won't have to worry about any users being able to do anything with the SQ. Or are there perhaps some commands that you don't need a login for?

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    You will prevent anyone from creating new ones yes, but those who already have an Account can still use it.

    help is always available use is also available.
    Not sure about other commands that are available without login but for most of them it depends on your configuration. You can always go ahead and try it out yourself by using putty to connect to your query and then try any command without logging in first.

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    b_serverquery_login < This permissions allows or prohibits, that such user can login themself into their own query account (if they already exist).

    - This permission allows or blocks query commands from such a user.

    b_virtualserver_select < This one allows or prohibits, that this user can select "use" the server.
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    ServerQuery Login Troubles

    I hope I am not hijacking this thread with this question. If I am, please forgive me, and then point me to the correct thread.

    That being said:

    I run a server on my Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) machine, and I would like to Login to the ServerQuery. I have not as of yet been able to make this happen. I need to do it so that I can allow more clients on at a time.

    I go to Tools => ServerQuery Login then I get the message "Set login name for your ServerQuery connection to 'Name of My Server'. You will receive your password in the next step.

    I then put in a user name in the box and hit ok.

    It then generates a password for me.

    Then the only option it gives me from that point is to close that ServerQuery Password box.

    Where do I go from here so that I can edit my ServerQuery?

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    to connect to the query you will have to use any telnet client like putty with which you can connect to the query port and then you can login using the username and password created.
    Though if you cannot edit the slots from the client itself in the edit server dialog then your query account won't be either since it has the same permissions your client has.
    If you are renting your server you obviously can't edit the slots as it would be really bad for the hoster... you can contact them to increase your slots though.

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    Server Query doesnt work.

    I have a problem with my Teamspeak 3 Client.
    I have an Teamspeak 3 Server but i cant use Server Query. I see the Server Query Login where i can create new Users, but i cant see the Server Query Button where i can use the Server Query Commands.
    Does anybody have an resolve for this?

    Thanks for every help.

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    Server Query has been removed since version 3.0.9
    Originally Posted by changelog.txt
    - Removed built-in serverquery Window. Future server versions do not support this anymore.
    You can use telnet client, eg putty

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    use telnet for now....

    1) Windows start menu
    2) Select "RUN..."
    3) Enter "telnet.exe {server_address} {server_tcp_port}"
    basically, type in RUN... :
    telnet.exe localhost 10011
    telnet.exe {ServerAddressIP} 10011

    Im doing that for now...

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