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    Dump File: 3.06 Crashes on Startup

    I have been using 3.0.6 successfully for a while.
    But tonight it crashes everytime upon startup.
    I use 2 plugins ACRE 1.4.3 and TS Overlay.
    And I start with two servers on startup.

    Win 7 64-bit, 2700K - 8GB
    Integrated Sound on ASUS P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3
    TS3 3.0.6
    ACRE 1.4.3

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    September 2002
    Seattle, WA
    After waiting the amount of time it took to make this post I was able to start up TS3.
    I unchecked TS Overlay. Then disconnected my second server. And removed the 'connect on startup' on my 2nd server.
    I restarted TS3 and so far no crash.
    Strange but I hope this help you track it down.

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    There is no dump file for ous :-/
    Can you upload it please into this thread?
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