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    Latest release of teamspeak (3.0.6 QT V 4.7.2) cannot play custom wav files.


    I've always used the ventrilo sound for on / off mic events, but since this latest patch the teamspeak client cannot play any wav files that doesn't come natively with teamspeak.

    It's not a permission issue, i'm running windows xp as administrator, the wav files are fully functionable and worked fine in previous releases.

    I've tried to re-render and create my own soundfiles using various software, all unsuccessful.

    So my question to you is, what the hell do you use to create your wav files, cause obviously your uncompressed audio is different from mine, or have you for some retarded reason hardcoded the checksum values for the wav files into teamspeak so it doesn't accept any other file for some unknown reason?

    Fix it please.

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    What client version do you use? Is this the beta client or is it the stable release?
    Version:3.0.6 (20.04.2012 11:14:18)

    -Do you get any error ony your client log?
    Somethign like "GenericPlayback Error WavePlayData::initCallback recieved error 2316"
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