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    Exclamation Banned Permanently. WHY?

    I logged into TS3, and knowing my lag i was there for a good 8 seconds, then someone bans me randomly, SOMEONE TELL ME WHY? AND UNDO IT!!!!

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    This Forum is for the Teamspeak Client and Server only!
    We got nothing to do with ANY Server whatsoever, thus we cannot help you with that.

    You will need to contact the Server Administrators of the Server in question directly.

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    There are many reasons for being banned:

    1.- Flooding: as i read you have lagg so probably you try to switch channels very fast it is anti spam protection so you get ban.
    2.- You are a Bad Person: Probably your leader or Server admin wanted to ban you.
    3.- Your friend is kidding you: Well it's funny to ban someone

    When you get banned, it had a description can you write it please?

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