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    My Speakers and Mikes are Disabled

    The title says it. Don't know how to enable them.

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    August 2011
    Are you playing Tera online with it? There are some games which disables everything when using Push to Talk. it applies for tera but i dont know which other games does it.
    All you have to do is try to put it to voice activation.

    And btw, if this isnt the case provide more information

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    Can you check in... Bookmarks > Manage bookmarks > button "More" >... how are your profiles ?

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    January 2010
    In case you did not join by bookmark or to fix it without reconecting:
    Self -> Capture Profile
    Self -> Playback Profile

    Make sure in both those Menus there is one Item checked.
    Make sure you have the proper Capture & Playback Device set in Settings -> Options -> Capture / Playback

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    April 2012
    I had same problem. I resolved this issue, but a new one arose

    1. I selected Capture, Playback and Hotkey profile in a connection window (using "more/less" button).
    When I connect to any server, the window remembers strange profiles... they are called "No..." , exactly "No" and three dots!
    I have to manually select the second profile for each type of profiles, with the same funny name - "Defa..." (Defa and three dots).

    Then I connect to server I see a following bug:

    2. The icon near my nickname is light blue as I am transmitting, though I am NOT transmitting!
    3. The volume of sound is very low, though in "testing your playback sound system" everything was fine... "hm... that's strange" ,- I think and try to guess what may be wrong...

    4. Then I push menu "Self" and see that each of top three profiles (Capture, Playback and Hotkey) behave very strangely!
    I see that each of profiles has 2 possible options, though I have created only one (the Default, actually it was pre-created, I just didn't do anything to them).

    The two possible options are: "Default" without a tick and "Defa..." with a tick. The "Default" is bright and "Defa..." with tick is not bright as it is disabled (wth?!). I manually select the "Default" and... now I see only one option - bright "Default" with a tick. The bugged one is now gone (wth?!). Now the volume becomes normal and now the transmitting icon is not active (it is dark blue instead of light blue) and behaves like it should.


    OS Xubuntu 12.04 amd64, sound "card" is some shit, built into the MoBo (it is really called "Built-in Audio" in PulseAudio, ahahaha)))) )
    TS3 Client 3.0.6, TS3 Server 3.0.5.
    TS3 Client is using pulse audio

    In previous versions of TS3 Client there were no such bugs...
    Please fix this!
    Thank you!

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