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    Adam Marion Guest

    LulzSec Is Attacking

    Attention Teamspeak Hosts -

    The group LulzSec is out and about hacking servers tonight. We have been compromised by them today, as you can see by clicking here.

    If you are not sure of who this group is, please click here.

    Also, I recommend you go on high security and dont give your information to ANYBODY.


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    All that 1st link tells me is that your server's offline, what makes you think it's LulzSec?

    Edit: Would have saved time if you'd have linked to the user history, do you still have access to the server or have any idea what they did to bring it down? (was it originally password protected?)

    Another edit: Seems the server is up, just needs the right password
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    Adam Marion Guest
    We shut down our servers and re-did them. I wish I could have gotten a screenshot, however when they took control of the teamspeak they changed the main channel to YOU WERE FUCKED BY LULZSEC.

    I do apologize about the link, we had to change it and we did get that back up.

    You can see they are back, by clicking the link here.

    Have a good night.

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    As Air said, it doesnt have to be that group, probably some script kiddies using the name.
    As a former moderator often said, you should check your permission settings and whom you give what group, since this is mostly the source of "hacking" TS.

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