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    Question Query Admin question.

    I have a doubt about the group "Query Admin" Some of my clients ask me if I can give you access to have the red "S" words "Query Server Admin", I should not give it because it could stop any further instance of server.

    But I've seen other suppliers to provide such access.
    Can anyone explain? This is not a security risk?

    Thanks in advance

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    That is an extremely huge Security Risk.
    That group has complete Access and control over the entire Server Instance, they can create, delete, stop or modify any virtual server or just shutdown the entire Instance.

    Not to mention normal Clients (as in using the TeamSpeak Client Software) should never be in that Group.

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    It's your server, dont give that to any people.... it they tell you, tell them no i can't! or no i won't!!!!... don't matter is your best friend.

    Query Admin is not necesary for them. They can use teamspeak with normal server groups.

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    As said in previous posts.

    What some hosters allow, is using normal Server Query.
    Clients may create their own Query Account by "Extras -> Server Query Login".
    This way, using Server Query they will have the same permissions as they have on server as normal client.

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