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    People can't connect to my TS3 server.

    Well I'm trying to host a TS3 server for a meeting with my clannies this weekend, however I cant seem to get it to work.

    I can connect locally just fine.

    I've done the port forwarding correctly:
    Team Speak - TCP 30033 -> 30033
    UDP 9987 -> 9987
    TCP 10011 -> 10011

    I have verizon fios... I don't think the ISP blocks any of these ports.

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    What Information do your Clanmates / Friends try to use to connect?

    They need to use your global IP, which likely will change every 24 hours. To circumvent that there are services like which will give your IP a name, which then can be used by your friends to connect.
    That name can be automatically kept up to date when your IP changes by running a small application on your PC.

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    Yes I know this, they have my ip address (which doesnt change at all). Yes they still cant connect. I even put inbound rules on my computer firewall for the ports.

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    are they able to ping your server?

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