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    Angry ~ 10% CPU usage on Atom 1,6 GHz

    This doesn't seem to be normal to me, as if ts3-32bit exe permanently needs 7-15% of my CPU usage!
    I minimize TS3 and still... As if just "Talking" from others could fry my CPU like that... I need my CPU to handle other programs.

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    Please try to disable our Echo reduction and Echo cancellation under Settings > Options > Capture
    Also make sure, that your sound driver is up to date!

    But 10% for that CPU sounds normal for me. I do not own a netbook, to test that.
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    Thx for your answer, dante!

    Both echo settings you mentioned were already turned off...
    Sound-driver could be quite outated though (Realtek HD Audio ALC269, driver version:, standard driver from buying)
    But yes, some advanced settings are (I switched them) on, like remove background noises, automatic voice-normalization (translated correct from german??? ) and delay push-to-talk 0.3 seconds.

    Cheers, Daniel

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    just tried out, deactivating those three settings didn't change anything... -.-

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    Download and run Process montior, from and use the tool to monitor the TS3 client process, and save the log, then upload it to a cyberlocker such as and send the link to one of the team, it may help them find a solution , on my system desktop pc running WinXP SP3 i see the same thing repeatedly spiking the cpu all the time, even when ts3 is idling, this can cause lag type effects (lower frame rate) in game ,

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    Wow! Okay Tommy! Thx for the great help!

    but 1st will see if new driver changes sth...

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