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    TS3 Audio Codec Quality


    I just made the move to Teamspeak after using Ventrilo for years, and I must say that the added functionality is a welcomed change. My only issue as of yet is the quality of the codec's itself. When using vent I ran my server at 32 KHz 16 bit 10 quality Speex, and I run a similar codec on TS (ultra-wideband speex @ 10 Quality) but I find that there is an emptiness about the audio when on Teamspeak.

    When on vent the sound quality was extremely direct, clear with very little background noise, but on Teamspeak it sounds more accurately to what a microphone would sound like if you were sitting in the middle of an empty room. Not to say it echo's, but it just doesn't sound very 'in your face', and anything but clear. I can make out what people say but its definitely not crystal clear and sounds almost slightly muffled (higher bass, less treble). (Same user sampled for both Vent and Teamspeak)

    I assume considering these codec's are almost identical that it's a setting that needs to be adjusted. Are there any settings that sound like they would affect what I described above?

    I'm on Win7 64bit (if it applies).

    Thank you in advance!

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    some recording comparison would be appreciated to be able to analyse what kind of problem you might be seeing.

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    Hi there,
    I was looking into the same issue and so far i did not find a setting that will come closest to vents 32 KHz 16 bit 10 quality Speex.

    in any case does anybody know which is the best setting i can go for to get the best sound quality?

    would any of you TS3 veterans say the best Audio setting is the (ultra-wideband speex @ 10 Quality) ????

    Thanks in advance

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    32bit Codec at 7 to 10 quality with the lowest delay sounds best from my point of view.

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    I'd like more feedback on this guys, anyone else?

    don't bump, why not just build your own opinion and try out the different qualities and codecs with your friends and decide which sounds best for you?
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