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    thomash131 Guest

    Solved Editing Mic Click Sound Files

    Hi everyone, I've downloaded some radio bleeps which I plan to replace the mic click files with. Firstly, I opened up TS and enabled the mic clicks to ensure it works before I start changing anything (which it does). Then I replace the two files located in: G:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\sound\default now I open up TS again and make sure the mic clicks are enabled but there is no noise being made by myself or other users in terms of mic clicks, not even the old sounds, just no noise at all.....

    Anyone got any ideas of what i'm doing wrong?

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    New sounds are wav files too?

    Have you tried testing them?
    Settings --> Options --> Notifications --> +Special --> Select any 'Mic xxxx' sound and 'Play' button


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    thomash131 Guest
    Yep, doesn't work. The files are both .wav

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    Look at the files names: mic_click_??.wav / mic_click_other_??.wav / mic_click_self_??.wav

    In the Default folder there is a file named settings.ini, where you can see the same file(mic_click_??.wav) is used for all cases (mic_click_other_??.wav or mic_click_self_??.wav). You need to change this.

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    thomash131 Guest
    Problems fixed now, I solved it myself thanks.

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