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    Master File Browser/View All Channel's Files?

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to navigate all of the uploaded files in a TS3 server, without having to go to each channel's file browser individually. I see the directory where it keeps all the files, can I remove them directly from this directory without screwing up any file records TS3 might be keeping?

    Even so it would be nice to have an interface that allows for easy management of files without too much navigating. Even by browsing the actual directory I have to poke my head in every folder to see if it has anything.

    If there's no way of doing this I may just limit file transfer permissions to only the lobby or a dedicated File Transfer channel from now on.

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    There is no way to view all the Files uploaded by default.

    As far as I know the server just reads from the files/virtualserver_x/channel_y Directory directly when someone opens the filebrowser, so you should be fine just deleting the files on the Server (the real Win/Linux Server running TS3 Server that is) directly. However just to be on the safe side I would shutdown the TS3 Server prior to doing this.

    on Linux you could just use ls with the -r parameter which will recursively list directory contents. On Windows just take a look at the files Folder Properties to see if it has any Files or just contains other Folders.

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    I see thanks. I decided to go with a dedicated File Transfer channel, and raise the "Needed File Transfer" permissions to admin level on the other channels.

    Incidentally, this would have been a great time to make use of some sort of Channel Permissions inheritance. I looked around and the only threads I find on the topic are from 2010 at the latest, all saying it's still on the ToDo list. Is that still the case? I did see that there is a Channel Group permissions inheritance, but I don't think that's really what I was looking for.

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    the Channel Permissions inheritance ticket came just up, investigating it currently
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