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    Solved [Logitech G15] LCD Panel plugin

    Hello everyone,

    I've got a problem, after updating my Client TS3 to version 3.0.6.
    The integrated G15 LCD plugin stopped working. Logitech SW is up-to-date, an the update button in the plugin section of the client didn't show any results.

    So i tried the following things:
    De/install both Logitech SW and the TS3 Client -> no result
    Running both with administration rights -> no result
    Compatibilitymode for all OS tested on both SW's, even crossing, one in compatibility but not the other -> no result

    OS: Windows 7 Professional x64

    Got anybody an idea what happend, and how i may fix it?

    p.s.: sorry for my english i'm german, and it didn't use it often

    kind regards

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    OK after trying everything, i found the "problem"....
    I'm running TS3 on my second monitor, but to have the plugin work, you MUST minimize TS3 one time, after that you can maximize TS3 Client and the plugin reacts normally.
    Because of showing it on my second monitor i didn't minimize the Client -.-

    kind regards

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