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    Solved [Suggestion] ServerGroup channel permissions.

    Hello to everyone,

    I'll make a small sugestion of a topic that is being discussed on several topics:
    ...other topics that i've already read but i'm too lazy to search about
    ------------------------------------------ Starting -------------------------------------

    I know that some of these permissions problems can be "bypassed" by the channel permission options. However this is not intended to use a channel permission system to limit the user actions. It's intended that the ServerGroups and the ChannelGroups permissions are two powerfull permission system and in fact can work together as in a split server permissions overview and not as a server wide one.

    ----------------------------------------- The problem --------------------------------------

    As everyone knows Teamspeak channels are restricted by the power system. Servergroups also are restricted by the same method with the higher being owned by the server admins.However, the Server Groups have are limited to server wide permissions.

    -Servergroups can't be set to access specific channels only, and all the possible solutions to this automatically passes through Channel Group permissions.

    For example (using a previous example from a topic, and actually my own problem):
    - If one Teamspeak is a community Teamspeak having multiple games, those game users are set into a Server Group. This Server Group have it's own Icon (knowing where users comes from), having it's limiting permissions and channels access (this SG can only access 2 or 3 channels only and no more). This for every guild that is on the community TS.
    We know also who we have to kick from server if the guild quits out of the community.
    With Channel permissions one can only limit the channel access by powers and since the powers are ascending in amount and in permissions, eventually the only solution is to have the higher powered guild accessing the others, and this solution is not valid.

    -------------------------------------------- Solutions -------------------------------------------------

    There are two solutions that i remember that can actually solve this problem:
    - The first solution is to allow to set a limit to the maximum amout of power on the servergroups. If for example a minimum power of a servergroup is set to 20 and their maximum set 22, then 3 degrees of freedom are set to this servergroup permission mechanics, while another SG is set to 23 to 25. While those servergroups have different powers they can in fact access similar functions.
    This solution however will limit the amount of servergroups to the amount of power from server (1 to 75).

    - The second solution as stated by other users on the other topics, is to have a drop down box into a channel options to select which server group are allowed in a specific channel.
    User R3M__ has made a picture to explain this:

    Best regards

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    This request is an overload ...

    - The easiest soloution is, to Create a server group without permissions or a copy of normal group. This can be done for every Game or Guild.
    - Now create your powerfull channel groups
    - Then such a guild gets there own channel with all the needed sub channels.
    - Now assign the channel groups to them.

    They can not access channels from another guild with such a group.
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    - How can u prevent a guild with higher power to access the other guild channels?
    - How can u know if they move into the mixed channels where they came from?
    - How to set an icon that is bound to that user wide server?

    I know the easiest solution is to use the channel permissions, but then, the server permissions are way riddicolous, and you will end up to give permissions user by user into new channels... Bummer

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    - Don't give Join Power on Servergroup but only with the Channelgroup (or servergroup only gives join power for alliance/public Channels but not high enough for guild / Game only CHannels)
    - uhm what? they can't join the other channels because of the higher needed join power...
    - Icons are set in the Servergroup for that game / guild / group, but not too much else.

    This is sort of getting outta control with the discussion being done and splitted into multiple Threads. I'd suggest to use one Topic and keep the entire discussion there. This one would seem ok, since it already contains much of the discussion

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