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    Question Audio quality on MacOS X, but not on Windows

    Running 10.7.4 on an early 2011 15" MBP (2.3 Ghz Core i7), 8GB RAM.

    Server is on my local LAN, running ver 3.0.5 amd64 for Linux. Client version on the Mac side is 3.0.6. Internet speed is 25M/25M FiOS. Very low utilization on the line.

    Just started playing Diablo 3 with the boys this morning.. Initially, loaded it on the Mac side, since I spend 90+% of my time on the Mac side.

    However, while logged into TS, I hear my friends just fine, though my audio to the guys was described as sounding like one of the Borg. Rebooted, bounced the server side even, no improvement.

    Flipped over to the Windows side, loaded up D3 over there, got onto TS, and I sounded great.

    Anything obvious that I'm missing here?

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    We will try this next week. The installer needs time to download the game.
    Edit - My graphics card is not supported :-/
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    I got no problems here.
    Tested on an iMac9,1 running 10.7.4 with build-in microphone and Logitech G35.

    Are you using the build-in mic or a headset/microphone?
    Do you have this problems everytime or is it a irregular thing?

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