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    Solved [pluginsdk] onConnectStatusChangeEvent not triggered

    If my tests went right, the onConnectStatusChangeEvent is not triggered for connections, that are started by a plugin.

    Some example code:
    uint64 newschid;
    if (funcs.spawnNewServerConnectionHandler(0, &newschid) == ERROR_ok) {
      if (funcs.startConnection(newschid, identity, host, port, nickname, NULL, NULL, NULL) == ERROR_ok) {
        //now onConnectStatusChangeEvent should be triggered
      else funcs.destroyServerConnectionHandler(newschid);
    The client will connect to the server, but the callback won't trigger.

    P.S.: The client ui does not recognize this connection as well (no new tab), but I still mentioned this in another thread.

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    This is no bug. The "connect function" does not work with our current plugin API and will be removed for the next client.
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    Of course, it works, you can open connections with a plugin!

    And sorry, as long as this function is included in the SDK, it's a bug.

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    Yeah it did work, been playing around with that last year and the connection is made, it's just that no new Tab is spawned and no Devices get opened (the connected Client will show as SPeakers & Microphone disabled).

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