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    Default Channel Description

    Hi there TS Community,

    Is it possible to edit the server settings for Teamspeak 3 were admins owning public free TS space to pre-fill the channel description on temporary channels?

    So that admins are able to leave the channel creator a direct message on what they could do with their newly created channel.

    E.G. Rules of Engagements, F.A.Q. or any other default descriptions admins would like to leave on these type of channels.

    Many thanks in advance,

    // SensorZ

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    This is not possible with the official/default Client and/or Server.

    The only thing that could be done is to have some (to be written) tool / Script having a permanent Connection to the Query, looking for channels created and instantly editing the Description of that channel once created. Of course it will not be shown when creating the channel and if the person creating the channel entered a description it will be overwritten (If you don't take additional steps to prevent it in the Script / tool).

    Unless you are actually doing your own Server/client this is also the wrong Forum Category for this question.

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    Thanks for the reply man,

    I might take a look at using scripts/tools/add-ons, but like you've said.
    It can be overwritten anyhow, even though in our case we prevent guests to edit their own description.

    // SensorZ

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