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    Exclamation VPN + Teamspeak 3 Connection issue

    I am running Teamspeak 3 32-bit server 3.0.5 on a Windows Server 2003 R2 machine. I am using the built in windows VPN service in windows 2003 server as well as on the Windows 7 Machine I am trying to use to connect. The client windows 7 machine is running Teamspeak 3 64-bit 3.0.6.

    If I am at work (plugged into the local network) it works fine using the local ip address for the server. However if I login to vpn from home and try to connect using the local ip it doesn't work. From my limited understanding when you connect through vpn it is like you are connected to the local network and all local network resources should be available and work as normal.

    Why isn't it working?

    I thought about just forwarding the ports and using the WAN ip, but I would prefer to just require everyone to use vpn as it would then make sure file transfers, text... was all encrypted the entire time. I know after reading the forums it seams that file transfers are the only unencrypted thing it doesn't hurt to for sure be encrypted the entire way and have to deal with the built in password/key system in Teamspeak.

    If anyone knows why this isn't working, something to try to fix it, or needs more information let me know.
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    Ok after posting on:
    I found
    and after all that I found out the solution posted on the microsoft forum to my post is correct and works:
    On the VPN server, run ipconfig /all to list the IP address of PPP adapter RAS (Dial In). Try to using this IP address to connect to the Teamspeak server.

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