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    Get phonetic nickname with SDK? (Need to implement server-side check)

    Hello. I'd like to implement server-side check of phonetic nicknames.

    The problem is in TTS engine, that does not understand "non-latin" characters, and listening "Question mark Question mark Question mark Question mark Question mark Question mark Question mark joined" is not very good.

    When a person with non-pronounceable nickname joins server, i'd like to kick him with message "Change your phonetic name! {url-to-howto-here}".

    But i'd like to get some help - I can not find how can I get Client's phonetic nickname with SDK
    enum ClientProperties { ... } in public_definitions.h does not have anything responsible for it.

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    the relevant enum can be found in public_rare_definitions.h, you seem to be looking for CLIENT_NICKNAME_PHONETIC.

    Note: We are talking about the Client Plugin SDK here, not the TS3 SDK stand alone product, I assume.

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