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    Exclamation Move a number or people from one channel to another channel

    Hello all.

    Im an admin on a TS 3 Server & am looking for a plugin for moving a number of people from one channel via a shortcut key or command but not found anything that can do what i want it to so maybe im missing something or no one else has bothered to..

    a little more detail with examples..

    all on server are real life friends & we are currently playing BF3 on our rented server.

    we have stay in one channel chatting having some banter etc... however we like to split the voice comms into teams on Rush Games as it makes gameplay much better, some would say Team Based.

    currently I alt tab out of the game & move the people in the other team to another channel but its a bit of a pain to do that then at the end of that game move everyone back into the same room..

    Any Advice thoughts much appreciated..


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    Since the People who are on the other team will change every time you'd still need to alt tab out of the game..

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