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    Removing a ServerQuery client


    Someone is successing getting permissions with some way of using Telnet.
    As far as I know, he successed somehow (i've already disabled this ability) to add a serverquery client with his own client permissions. After doing that he can use the serverquery client he created and add his permissions anytime with key binds.

    I've figured out how to find these queryclients - using List All Clients option.

    I just need to know how to delete them because I can't find out.

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    Just delete the Client who did create the login using the List All Clients window.

    I don't think there is a way / filter to just show those having a query Login in the Client so you'd need to check the database directly.

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    your post is a typical case of somebody posting his assumptions and deductions instead of the problem itself. It would be much easier for us if you just stick to the problem at hand, telling us exactly what *IS*, what about it is not like you would like it, and leave it up to us to determine the *how* part.

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    My problem *IS* that users can create queryclients which allows them to recieve some permissions anytime.

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    Normal users will have the same permissions no whether if logged in as client or as query user.
    To prevent users from creating query logins just remove "b_client_create_modify_serverquery_login" permission (and grant value) from your servergroups.

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