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    Question Can I mute mic on startup or on auto-connect?

    I have TS3 set to automatically connect to a bookmarked server/channel on startup.

    Is there a way to also start with my mic muted? I don't want to start up and have my mic go live when it finally loads/connects.

    Right now, I have the bookmark set to use "Capture Profile: None" so there's no mic available at all, but that means I have to switch to TeamSpeak and change the capture profile in order to talk. I would rather just have the mic muted so I can hit my hotkey and unmute when I'm ready to talk.

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    Bump. Why hasn't this been answered? I'd also like to know if I can mute mic on startup.

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    Oh, i think someone already made a plugin for this. Let's see when the addons page will be back again. Then you'll find it here.

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