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Thread: Subchannel bug

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    May 2012

    Solved Subchannel bug

    the main channel password protected channels not in the assistant

    you can just jump into the sub-channels without a password from the main channel to have

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    That has been reported / complained about a hundred times by now! Next time please use the Search first.

    In any case Password Inheritance just hasn't been built in yet, but iirc is going to be implemented at some point.

    Also you DID only put a password on the Mainchannel, not on it's subchannels... They are completely separate Channels in the Database and in general... The only difference is that it is displayed in another Location (below the parent Channel) in the Client.

    Edit: No need to double post and also this Forum is English only.

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    try using a user writing in German, written in an English forum to find German text. I google everything only with the translater

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    this is on the todo to have inherited permissions / password

    edit: also this is not a bug, this is working as intended
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