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    Game noise not coming through headphones, please help

    So i am using TS3 and playing various games at the same time. I do not have a headset but i have a microphone and headphones that i use while gaming. The problem is when im in ts3 and a game, ts comes through my headphones but the rest of the sounds (game sounds) come through my laptop speakers. I do not like this feature cause the game noise goes into my microphone almost constantly. Is there any way I can get all the sound to come through my headphones? Please help, i just got into ts and not familiar with the system.

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    Not sure if this is anything to do with TS, I think you need to go into your OS's audio settings & check what the default output is for playback, sounds like it's set to speakers

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    This is a common problem with certain sound cards in Windows. You should be able to find something on Google.

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