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    Question TS-Server time and Linux HW/SYS time doesn't match // Webserverlist edit...?

    Hello community!

    I have a questions to the server-time and to the configuration of the webserver-list.

    I have a "non-profit" license and it work's without problems, but i would like to edit my server in the webserver list. I want to add the "region" "Bavaria". Where can i do that?

    To the server-time: From where do the server take his time? My Linux is configured... Hardwareclock and the systemclock are set on the same time, but the server says, that each last login of somebody is 2 hours later...?!

    For example:
    Linux time (HW and SYS): 13:21
    TeamSpeak 3 server (3.0.5) say's by each client: 15.21

    There are 2 hours difference and i want to know, where this difference come from and how i can fix it.

    I hope, somebody of you can help me.

    Best Regards,

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    The Serverlist shows the country based on the IP of the Server and will show the location of the actual Server running the TS3 Server. It cannot be changed. If the Information is wrong thats because of an error in the Geolocation Database being used, which is an external service which TeamSpeak Systems has no control over.

    The TeamSpeak 3 Server Logs are in UTC so it's easier for people from different Timezones to find the same information. Imagine Admin A living in the US talking to Admin B living in Sydney about some Problem Admin B should have a look at. If the Server wouldn't be using UTC Times both of them would need to know the others timezone and do the math themselves; by using UTC Time A can just say it happened on May 30th at 15:00 and B will easily find the relevant Entries without having to do any math.

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    Ah, okay.

    Thank you very much for this informations!

    That's all, what i'd want to know.

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