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    Solved channel description editor change wrong channel

    TS3-Server: 3.0.3 @ Linux
    TS3-Client: 3.0.7 @ Windows

    I've found the following bug:

    When I'll create a new sub-channel with the "tear of description editor" function, the description of the parent channel would be changed. After pressing "apply" at the channel description editor, the titlebar change from "Create Subchannel" to "Edit Channel". After pressing "Apply" the new Channel will be create, but the parent-channel also have the same description.
    Closing the dialog with "Cancel" doesn't restore the description of the parent-channel.

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    reproduced and written down into our bugtracker

    thank you for your help

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    It seems to be fixed on TS-Client 3.0.7 (12.06.2012 15:34:01)

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