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    Hotkey not working, while TS is not in foreground


    i'm using Ts3 and the push to talk function don't work if ts3 isn't first plane , so if i'm play a game , i can't speak with the push to talk fonction , i have to use the voice activation and it isn't good for me

    Do you dot any solution ?

    Sorry i'm french , i don't speak english very well

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    Hotkey not working

    I previously owned a PC and when I was using TS3 while in another window such as firefox, and my friends were speaking to me, I could just press my key and it would work

    Now when I am in firefox on my mac, I constantly have to open the TS3 window to start talking

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    PTT not working while playing wow

    Hi there,

    I currently have TS3 working on my macbook pro 15" i7. Everything works perfect when i am not running wow or any other game. The problem comes in at the part i start playing the game.

    For some reason it doesn't allow me to speak in any way on TS3 while playing the game. I tried quiet a lot things but for some reason i can't get this working.

    Meaning my main issue is:
    How can i talk on TS3 while i am playing wow or any other game and what steps i should follow to get this done, I am not really @ home with my macbook yet

    Kind regards,


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    PTT Issues

    I have an imac and have been using TS3 for a few months now. I recently had to dump everything on my computer and start a new. I installed TS3 again, (I use it for Mohaa) and noticed that whenever I start my game, my mic mutes itself. I've never had this problem before and it really tans my hyde. But, When I'm not playing MOHAA my TS3 works fine... I've seen this question before but it's always for a windows.. and I'm on a mac. Someone please help me!!!!!!

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    On Mac, it is not possible (by default) to catch hotkeys, when your application is not in foreground.

    This link should help you

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    On another note:

    You don't have to enable accessibility if you were to bind on one of the "shifting keys" (Security wise, it's almost always useless to listen to Ctrl and Alt keys):

    These include: Ctrl, Alt, etc. etc. They can bind for PPT the option set. (Also note the key "fn" is not capturable no matter what. I don't think it's possible to do that unless TS3 is tuned for a certain hardware, which I'm pretty sure it's not seeing it works on so many platforms.)
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    Problems when TeamSpeak is not Active program.

    Hows it going? This is the problem that I am having. I installed TS3 on my iMac and connected to a friends Server to play Diablo 3. As long as TS is the active program then it works fine and they can hear me perfectly. Once i tab out to go to the game they can no longer hear me. Is there something that I have to setup so that it always works with the hotkey?


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