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    Teamspeak Freezes

    I'm having an issue with TS. Sometimes it freezes. It doesn't happen all the time, making it appear seemingly random. When it does freeze, my push to talk key no longer works, yet I can till hear people talking just fine. When I click on the TS icon on my dock it doesn't bring the window to the front. When I click on the window myself, it has no effect and the window remains grayed out, as if not selected. I also noticed that the text at the bottom scrolls jerkily, as if the program is lagging, but the voices sound clear. I know it;s not my internet being laggy, because my browser still runs fine. Any ideas?

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    I have this problem too. I will join TS and then see all the channels. As soon as something happens though like someone switching channels or muting their mic or sending a message or me doing any of that, TS freezes for about 10-15 seconds (I cant do anything and I can't see if people are talking or who it is. I can still ear them and they can still hear me cause of VA) then shows me what just happened. When its not frozen though i can see everything like who is talking etc.

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    Please post client logs. What teamspeak version are you running? Have you made any system changes recently that may have caused this?

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