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    baned from all Ts servers

    hi i was messing around with my settings in ts with set "Phonetic nickname" typing things like bad man is here for a joke and this poped up You are banned permanently. Reason: "dry humour is not liked in here"

    and as a result i cant get onto any ts channels

    can any one help me get the banned removed or find a way around it >?
    thnx for reading this

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    Well, first off it's a good idea not to go around showcasing your newly found love of insulting people via the phonetic nickname feature. However, if this server is part of a clan etc they may have a forum you can visit and post a thread about your problem. If you really wanted to you can use a proxy to connect to the server.

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    thnx for your reply and now im unbanned, the ban was not from the Ts channel admin/owner but from ts in general

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