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    Question about Renew a NPL


    Most of the postings license-renew npl say that a npl is renewed automatically if the server is up for a couple of days.
    I dont understand that:
    My server is up and running, some linux updates force rebooting, so the TS3-Server-Uptime sometimes shows only a few hours.
    What does that mean for a renew of my non-profit-license?
    The second thing I dont understand: My server isnt listed (virtualserver_weblist_enabled=0) and dont run on the standard port. Does that affect the npl, too?
    The last one: Do I receive a new licensekey.dat?
    And my last question: Where is this information to find? Is there a FAQ or something?

    Thanks sincerely

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    If the server is active (and has been active?) a certain amount of time before the License would expire it is automatically refreshed / extended. This Process is entirely automated and doesn't involve anything on your end, which means no you won't get a new key but your existing one will get updated. Also Server Settings do not affect this at all as long as the TS3 Server can talk to the license server (which it must be able to otherwise it would shut down).

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