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    can't connect to my own server

    We have two computers in our house that we would like to use team speak on so we can talk to each other while we play (the computers are in seperate rooms), but the computers share a wan IP because of our router. we tried downloading ther server software so we could have our conversaions and invite our friends to join us but I can't even connect to our creawted server from the second computer. is it because we are sharing a WAN? if there's a way around this issue?

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    The second computer needs to use the LAN ip from computer 1 to connect to it.
    In most cases it is not possible to use the external IP, to connect to your own computer or computer in your network.

    For your friends, please open the port 9987 UDP for the LAN IP of Computer 1
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    i was doing some research while waiting for a reply and saw a couple posts mentioning that i would need a static ip in order to run a server. i believe we have dynamic ip. Do i need a static ip?

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    Static Internal IP helps to keep the Port forwardings correct since many routers fail to update the forwardings when the assigned IP changes, but static External IP no you don't need that.

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