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    How can i start the Mac server?

    This is ridiculous. There is no way setting up a usable server should be this difficult. Forget any of the guides that are on the site. I literally read every piece of literature on the site about setting up a server. I have not slept. Is there anyone, ANYONE... who can reply with a STEP-BY-STEP guide on how to set up a server? Not "What's it telling you?" Or "Where are you stuck?" Because I don't know where the hell I'm stuck. I am literally not understanding a thing I'm doing. And I WORK FOR APPLE. There is NO WAY I am the only person on a Mac completely blown by how complex something as simple as setting up a server should be is. I am going to purge my system of all files from TS3 Server. This is for myself and everyone else. What the flying crap do I do to set up this god-damned server, because I have gotten no sleep over this. I have been doing nothing but read everything I can.

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    Step 1: Download and decompress the TeamSpeak 3 server for Mac OS X

    Step 2: Read and carefully follow the instructions in docs/server_quickstart.txt

    Step 3: There is no step 3!

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    This is how to is included in every server package and is called server_quickstart.txt
    (iii) Mac OS X

    Download the file, which includes an universal
    binary running on both Intel and PowerPC Macintosh computers. Copy the archive
    into a directory of your choice and extract it using Finder or the Terminal

    $ unzip
    $ cd teamspeak3-server_mac
    $ ./ts3server_mac
    It's not that hard, to start a server for a mac user isn't it?

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    Step 3: There is no step 3!
    There are 4 Steps Download it > open the terminal and unzip it > go into the directory > start the server
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    Not hard.. it's a pain in the XXX to get it to autostart though.. I've yet to get that working..

    Right now, I have to login to the system and manually run it.. I've custom ts3server.ini file.. so just adding to the auto start list for the user account and having it login is not an option..

    REALLY wish the teamspeak team would provide a more solid solution / guidance on this ..

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